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We provide timely and exceptional plumbing service in Eastern Iowa.

Plumbing emergencies are stressful and can happen at any time. Professional Plumbing is here to make a stressful situation a little easier with our 24 hour plumbing services.

In case of emergency, Professional Plumbing Services is equipped to protect your home and business from surprise plumbing issues. That’s why Professional Plumbing servicemen are available for emergency services 24 hours a day. If plumbing issues arise at your home or business in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, keep Professional Plumbing in mind for immediate service.

Our skilled plumbers are available to answer your call for repair and services of:

Sump Pumps

Pipe Leaks

Water, Drain, Waste, and Vent Systems

Sinks, Faucets, and Toilets

Water Heaters

Other Urgent Plumbing Problems

No matter the day of week or time of day, Professional Plumbing is available 24 hours, seven days a week to take care of any emergency plumbing need.

What should you do in a plumbing emergency?

If you have a flood due to an emergency plumbing issue, the first thing you should do is shut off the water supply. If it is a small plumbing leak you can sop up the water with towels to be sure the flooring isn’t damaged from the sitting water. Next, you should call us. We can give you initial help over the phone and will let you know if the situation could be dangerous.

Frozen Pipes

Iowa winters sometimes means frozen pipes. You probably discovered your pipes were frozen when you turned on your water and either a trickle came out or no water at all.

Preventing frozen pipes is always preferable to dealing with the aftermath of a plumbing emergency. In colder temperatures, take proactive measures such as keeping interior temperatures consistent, allowing faucets to drip slowly, and insulating vulnerable pipes.

Uncontrollable Water Temperature

If you are having problems with inconsistent or uncontrollable water temperatures in your tub or shower it could indicate a problem with your water heater.

Our team of plumbers have the expertise to diagnose and address complex plumbing problems, ensuring your water temperature is properly controlled and safe.

Sewage Backup

If your sewer needs cleaning or jetting, you can turn to your experts at Professional Plumbing. We have high-tech equipment that can identify and correct the source of the issue.

Our prompt response, blockage removal, drain cleaning, sewage cleanup, repairs, and preventive recommendations will help restore the functionality of your plumbing system and ensure a hygienic and safe environment.

Sump Pump Running Non-Stop

If your sump pump runs non-stop under normal conditions, it may fail when you need it most. Dealing with a sump pump that runs non-stop is not only inconvenient but can also put a strain on the system and increase the risk of failure. By contacting our emergency plumbing service, you can have the issue properly diagnosed and resolved, ensuring the effective operation of your sump pump and protecting your property from potential water damage.

Power Lost to Sump Pump

The same power that knocks out power could also flood your basement. In the event of an extended power outage, it’s essential to have a plan in place to manage potential water intrusion. This could involve temporarily using a portable sump pump, manually removing water using buckets or a wet/dry vacuum, or by contacting us for assistance.

Running Toilets

The fill valve, also known as the ballcock, controls the refill of water in the toilet tank after each flush. If the fill valve is faulty or damaged, it may not shut off completely, leading to a running toilet. Inspect the fill valve and replace it if necessary.

A running toilet is not only annoying but can be pretty costly over time. By addressing the problem promptly or seeking professional assistance, you can save water, reduce costs, and restore the proper functionality of your toilet.

Clogged Drains

Whether they are in your kitchen or bathroom, clogs can slow you down, it also may cause a backup.

To avoid future clogs, it’s important to practice preventive maintenance. Use drain strainers to catch hair, food particles, and other debris, and avoid pouring grease or oil down the drain. Regularly flush drains with hot water to help keep them clean and clear.

Leaky Pipes

If you have a leaky pipe, the first step is to turn off the water supply to the affected area. Locate the main water shut-off valve for your property and close it to stop the flow of water. This will prevent further water damage and give you time to address the leak.

If the leak is small and manageable, you can apply a temporary fix using plumber’s tape or a pipe repair clamp. These can provide a temporary seal to stop or minimize the leak until a permanent solution can be implemented.

Leaky or broken pipes? Clogged drain? Broken water heater? No problem! Let Professional Plumbing in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City provide quick, professional plumbing services at a fair price.

We are equipped to service any commercial or residential plumbing emergency.  At home or the office, customers can trust this locally owned company that’s been in business since 1978.

Areas We Serve

Professional Plumbing provides emergency plumbing services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and all the places in between. Even though our home base is in Fairfax—right outside Cedar Rapids—we provide timely and exceptional plumbing service all across eastern Iowa.

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