Date:August 08, 2013

Williamsburg Junior and Senior HS | Williamsburg, IA

Williamsburg Junior and Senior High School Renovation and Addition

Provided new drain-waste-vent system, water and gas systems to new science room, locker rooms, administrative offices and geothermal system.

We renovated Williamsburg Junior and Senior High School and added a new science room. Professional Plumbing installed a new water system major drain, waste and vent system, public restrooms, multiple locker/shower room renovations, and added a new science room wing. This large-scale commercial remodel required concrete removal for the installation of all new underground drain piping. The science wing addition includes a new roof drain system with plumbing to the new classroom sink and restrooms. Professional Plumbing eliminated an existing tunnel system used for mechanical piping and relocated all piping to an attic area. We also added a gas piping system to the majority of the existing school and new science addition.

The plumbing project included:

  • Added new science room wing
  • Installed new water drain, waste, and vent system
  • Renovate public restrooms and multiple locker/shower rooms
  • Relocated piping
  • Added gas piping system