Date:March 17, 2015

Cedar Ridge Winery | Swisher, IA

Cedar Ridge Winery Remodeling and Addition

This Cedar Ridge Winery project included an addition and remodeling to the existing winery. Professional Plumbing updated the commercial kitchen and dishwashing areas, new employee restroom, and added new fixtures to the existing restroom. The processing area was remodeled and the existing processing area addition involved the installation of steam heating for the still and mash ton and cooling system for still, mash ton, wine tanks, and beer production tanks. Much of this system was custom designed. A still waste system was also installed for storage and hauling to a digester waste site. Cedar Ridge Winery in Swisher, IA has been a great longtime customer with Professional Plumbing Services from initial construction.

The plumbing project included:

  • Remodeling of the existing winery
  • Installed steam heat
  • Installed cooling system
  • Installed waste system
  • Built commercial kitchen and dishwashing area